International Artist Joins Us at JKUAT for the Art and Environment Event

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The art and environment competition provides a special opportunity for students to share their work with students, university administrators, the public and others.

It provides a unique milieu for discovering opportunities for collaboration, sharing ideas and insights, and making acquaintances that may live long beyond the careers of the individual participants.

JKUAT University was the 3 rd university to host the event on 24th June 2016.We were welcomed by Ian Lomo who is the Interim Chairman of JKUAT Environmental Club.

The objective is to use art to tell environmental stories and invoke environmental consciousness.

The uniqueness of the art and environment concept is that we will also be having various CSR activities, after every university visit. The CRS activity will involve tree planting, Community service, Clean up, Training.

Art Display

We arrived in JKUAT University at 11.00 am,  preparations for setting up the tent were taking place, setting of the art board while our DJ was checking the sound system.After the set up, the audience and the international artist had already arrived.

Fatemeh Zarei was our international artist, she is known by the artistic name Yootab .A breief overview of Yootab is: Yootab is a pilot, a painter, sculptor and an International Environmentalist. She has been a volunteer member of United Nations Organization Assembly located in South Africa (UNASA).

Yootab show casing her art works

All her works are related to advocating the environment and illustrating the speed of desertification, water shortage, soil erosion, water pollution, nature poisoning, global warming, climate change, wetlands destruction, extinction of plants and animal species, illustration of the sixth extinction process, Awareness and promoting the culture of respecting the nature and irrevocable resources and trees.

Yootab art works shows human as a child who did not respect to his/her mother due to his/her greed and avarice and violated or injured her but this child neglected that may be affected by the consequences of such behavior.

Some of the yootab works that were displayed at JKUAT.

Art works


The story behind the art work Demolition:

The art piece explains how man continually destroys nature yet at the same time he is part of nature. Destruction of nature eventually leads to the destruction of man which is the sixth extinction of revolution. On the lower side we have a human face, while the upper side of we have a tree that has been cut down and that it has stayed for a long period on the ground. The art piece is supposed to show us that we humans we are part and parcel of nature. When we destroy nature it is as if we are destroying ourselves; it is the high time we wise up and see nature as part of us.

The story behind the art work Aridity:

It explains the connection between tree and nature. It talks about the ecological services offered by trees; they provide us with water and also help in purification of air etc. The pot shows how an arid area looks like, the cracks and the soil on an arid area. The pot has been placed on a tree that has been cut, it is a symbol showing that when we continue cutting down trees we will end up with an arid area. We should take care of our trees. The art piece explains what we will expect when we cut down trees.


The story behind the art work Fire Rain:

Just like the name suggests: Fire and Rain. The red indicated the solar radiation how it is increasing year after year. At the center of the picture we have blue color (very tiny) representing water. The solar radiation is increasing thus reducing the amount of water through evaporation. It explains the concept of global warming in which the variation of different areas occurs as a result of pollutants and contaminants. The global warming impact that is felt worldwide is likened to fire which is capable of consuming and destroying if no change or action is taken. Also in the picture the black color talks about how we are polluting our water resources and how our water resources are polluted. This art work is supposed to invoke citizens to be responsible on how they use their water and to reduce water pollution.

The story behind the art work Poisoned Nature:

The art piece talks about our wetlands. Wetlands are very important in our ecosystem. They are rich in biodiversity, used to control flooding and many other ecological services that they offer. The art work explains how we are poisoning our wetlands by building on the wetlands, pollution of our wetlands by invasion species. The invasive species on our wetlands are killing our wetlands. The art work show the significance of maintaining the natural state of our wetlands. When we kill our wetlands we destroy the biodiversity in the wetlands, the soil in the wetlands which are responsible for the uptake of carbon from the atmosphere. The texture of the art piece shows what will happen when we neglect and poison our wetlands.


Yootab as an Environmentalist, donates 50% of the profits from the art work to environmental conversational efforts.Antony Ngure, who is yootab Africa representative is in charge of both art sales and ensuring that the 50% goes to conversational efforts.


Check out the link: Click here to view the interview of the art and environment event


Our next university is African Nazarene University Main at Rongai.


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