1. Environmental Art and Photography

We promote and encourage the use of art and photography as tools for environmental and social change. Art communicate effectively and enhances the connection with nature. Yearly we run a competition for environmental art of the year.

Click on the link below to view the  video-

Environment 254 Art and Environment Expo at Africa Nazarene University.

Environment 254 Art and Environment Expo at The University of Nairobi

Other activities are bird watching and nature photo shoot.

  1. Cyber and Coworking Space

Training Offered

a.) Use of Geographical Information Systems(GIS) ,Use of Global Positioning System(GPS).

b.) Social Media Management and Analytics.

c.)Environmental Impact Assessment (In consultation with our Partners)

  1. Community Projects

a). Trees and Fruits Planting

Community seedling

b). Reclamation and restoration of “broken places”

It is a  concept that we are planning to introduce under Civic Ecology where we help communities in restoring “broken places”. Restoration of “broken places” is a community led process where the community owns up the project. It seems ambitious but other countries have done it. Apart from restoration and rehabilitation we also come up with a business model of the restored areas this will help in improving communities’ livelihoods.

  1. Competitions
  • Environmental Photo And Visual Art Of The Year
  • Environmental 254 Ambassadors.
  • Male and Female Environmentalists of the Year.