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Environment 254 will be opening an open space at ridgeways along kiambu road just after the famous Karura Forest.The open space will be open to all Environment 254 Members.

The objective of open space is to create an environment where environmentalist can sit down and discuss environmental issues then coming up with solutions.

From an interview with Kinyanjui, an environment 254 Ambassador “I believe the open space will be a game changer since in Kenya we don’t have such a platform where environmentalists can meet “.


The open space will be opened on 24th October 2016.Benefits of the open space is that

-There is High Speed internet.Members can come and browse all day.

-Furniture. Environment 254 will provide a desk and a chair.

-Access to a Library which contains Environmental book.

-Ample parking and security.


The other area that Environment 254 will focus on is in the use of Social media for Environmental Awareness.

Individuals who have skills in social media management and mass communication are encouraged to book a desk in the environment 254 open community space.

Other programs that environment 254 is planning to launch are-

-An eco-shop.

-A television show on environment.


Comment below to volunteer in environment 254 activities(Creation of an online Eco-shop and the television show).



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