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  • With increased people having the chance to grind from home – or venturing to consulting after a layoff – leads to an increased need for a good, disturbance free work space is on the rise.All in all, working from your home office or living room  is hardly the ideal condition for many people. It not only becomes tougher to separate work from life, your home is full of reminders of the million things you need to do outside of work.Most people go to their local coffee area as remedy because they often offer free wifi access. The hitch is that coffee area are often noisy (with other people and loud coffee grinders) and don’t show case a professional front if your client wants to link with you.

    These explanations are what make Co-Working Spaces ideal. They provide a professional, calm environment from which a member can work without having to lock themselves into an expensive leased small office. In co-working spaces, change agents share one big office and they benefit from an extensive range of services depending on their membership: espresso machines,conference rooms, or lounge.



  • Some of the Strengths of a co-working space are;
    • Office desk savings, renting a desk is less expensive that running your own office.
    • Flexibility: it is a variable cost. Space can be rented for a day, or several months
    • Wide range of services: Co-working spaces offer all the services that an employee can expect from his company to work in good conditions, even more. Co-workers don’t have to worry about supplies
    •  Perfect socializing experience to avoid lonely and unproductive work at home
    •  Interactions and collaboration with the other co-workers: you benefit from the community.
    •  Possibility to attend networking events, conference, demonstrations…
    •  Participation to a community, feelings of being important and receiving support
    •  Friendly innovative environment: designs, lounge, events, all elements are present to foster innovation
    •  Co-workers: talented people coming from different backgrounds, ready to help each others, providing advice and support .

    The packages of Environment 254 Co-Working Space.

    Environment 254 is an open community platform for the change makers in the environmental and social arena.

    Location: Ridgeways next to ridgeways total petrol station.


    • High Speed WiFi
    • Free Coffee / Tea
    • Free Drinking Water
    • Standing Desks
    • Printer
    • Scanner
    • Photocopier
    • Free parking on premise
    • 24hr member access
    • Chill-out Area
    • Open Monday till Saturday.

    Single User Package.

    Per-day  350Ksh

    Per -Month 9,000Ksh





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