About Us

We are a social enterprise, motivated by the idea of enabling positive environmental change in Kenya.

Our Mission

Our mission

Is to facilitate, through our initiatives, people to consistently practice an environmentally friendly approach hence leading to environment consciousness.

Our goal

Is to continuously stimulate conversation on environmental issues and offer solutions. Our commitment is to mentor a vibrant community of environmentalist to solve the numerous problems in Africa.

Community Space

Environment 254 as a community space, it initiates Environmental conversation, provides a platform to think through ideas and develop solution.
Environment 254 cyber and Co-working Space provides the Platform to initiate conversation and generate ideas.

Environmental Friendly Products and practices

Environment 254 is an open community platform for the change makers in the environmental and social arena.
We believe that the environment plays a critical part in shaping the future. Our aim is to introduce environment consciousness to the present and future generations. This means adopting more environmental friendly practices and product.



Community Space

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