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Environmental Art and Photography

We promote and encourage the use of art and photography as tools for environmental and social change. Art communicate’s effectively and enhances the connection with nature. Yearly we run a competition for environmental art .

Cyber and Co-working Space

Co-working is a style of work that involves a shared working environment.Environment 254 Co-working space is located in Ridgeways along Kiambu Road .One can drop by anytime, meet like minded people and enjoy endless fast Internet.

Our services

Printing and Branding Consultancy

As a print and Brand Consultancy we are specialized in:
3D Printing, T-shirts branding , Mugs branding , Mouse pads branding,note Books branding , flash disk branding , manufacture and branding of eco-bags

Digital Green Marketing

Involves building campaigns around social awareness and sustainability issues.

As a consultancy in digital green marketing we assist business in establishing an efficient digital strategy which involves the use of various analytics tools and software to track organization/Business/Personal data and read trends.






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Co-Working Space

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